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Here's the definition of Ad hominem for the up btc 2021 sanghat samiti of Saswat and his friends. An ad hominem argument or argumentum ad hominem in Latin is used to counter another argument.

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However, it's based on feelings of prejudice often irrelevant to the argumentrather than facts, reason, and logic. Either way, ad hominem attacks undermine the case and are to be avoided at all costs. Poor Saswat et al don't seem to realize that he's making himself and through his Rev Swamijia bunch of laughing stock. They should adhere to proper logic and proper sources Sutras,Shastra etc. But these poor blind followers probably don't have so much knowledge and are probably squealing because it hurt their ego to see that their cherised beliefs are torn down like a house of cards.

It's exactly in corelația pieței bitcoin situations that people use ad hominems. But such ad hominems only decrease the respect for the Ven Swamiji in the eyes of seekers of the fact and truth as he will be linked with such cop -out answers and refutations. Bibek Sharma Up btc 2021 sanghat samiti an Mijin Kurum Isvara If you have noticed, saswata Biswas hasn't properly addressed even a single argument forwarded by Mijin Kurum, Isvara or myself in the entire comment section of this video.

He is just making himself a laughing stock by leaving his gibberish all over. In a way, since he is neither trained as a scientist, nor properly trained in Indian philosophies, the only thing he has done so far is to attack personally.

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It is called ad hominem comments. He is supposed to comment on the content, not on the person, which he seem to not understand.

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In a way, it is like playing chess with a pigeon. I directly point you out. Guru Nanak. Mijin Kurum Acum an Isvara Yesit appears these people are not after up btc 2021 sanghat samiti truth but just blinded by their sanskaras. They say books are useless and go and quote their books ,Ha! They resort to the logic Vivekananda or Sankara were enlightened and so what they say is correct without realizing 1 that they are reading about Sankara and Vivekanda through books ,which they themselves say is useless 2 without realizing that the books we Buddhist quote were written by enlightened up btc 2021 sanghat samiti like NagarjunaChandrakirti and many many Mahasiddhas through the centuries in an unbroken enlightened lineage.

They ask are you enlightened to know this without even realizing that the same question also hits back at them :- Are you up btc 2021 sanghat samiti to know what the Buddha sais in contradiction to literally tens of thousands of Mahasiddha Buddhist who have clearly verified that what is written in the Buddhist texts SUtras, Shastras and Tantras obiectivul de aviz what the Buddha taught and gave commenteries on them.

They are not even capable of seeing the totally idiotic and blatantly illogical statement that their Rev Enlightened Vivekanda made that The Buddha's disciples didn't understand the Buddha and that he understood it after a gap and disconnection of years. They don't even realize up btc 2021 sanghat samiti hillarious this statement is to authentic Buddhists. For crying out aloud!!!! Mijin Kurum Acum 2 ani This Swami and a host of others, including the famous Vivekananda his grand Guru have always distorted Buddhism to suit their own muddled up conceptions of the Buddha and Buddhism.

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It is evident that starting from the Sankaracharya himself Sarirak Bhasya to this Swami has no idea what they are talking about when it comes to The Buddha and Buddhism.

They are all doing a great disservice to Buddhism and some so-called Western Sawamis just follow suit blindly. When will these Hindu Swamis just talk about their own up btc 2021 sanghat samiti for which some of them may be qualified and stop talking bull shit about a system for which they are utterly not qualified?

Will they ever? It is baseless to say the Buddha was an avatar of Vishnu or any Hindu God, for a number of reasons: 1. Whereas, the ground bhumipath marga and result phala of the Buddhist path is based on the up btc 2021 sanghat samiti of pratityasamudpada interdependent arisingas taught by the historical Gautama Buddha himself. Now, when the view itself is different, how can it produce a Buddha who is a Vishnu Avatar? Give me a valid reason why Buddhists should accept it when such things are not mentioned anywhere in Buddhist canons?

Why should Buddhists believe the words of Hindu Swamis who neither have knowledge of Buddhism, nor any experience of Buddhist meditation practices? Your statement contradicts your own view. Isn't that a good thing? Why does he have to appear in a deceitful form as the Buddha to divert them from attaining liberation when it could free them from cyclical existence.

  • По лицам сенаторов -- по мере того как они перебирали в уме один за другим варианты решения этой загадки -- можно было бы изучать, что это такое -- полное, до онемения, изумление.
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  • До конца жизни ты будешь считать это истиной, и твою историю узнают в Диаспаре .
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The Buddha is an epitome of compassion and his teachings encompass beings of all existence. The Buddha himself when asked by the Brahman Drona, confirmed he was not an avatar, but should be called the Buddha buddhé ti mām dhārahi.

Puranas were written around CE. Why do Hindu Swamis always want to link Buddhism to Hindu ideas when their philosophical crux is as distinct as chalk is from cheese?

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My humble suggestion is, please read the Buddhist canons properly before making baseless comments. Great Buddhist Masters and Lineage holders are still alive. The tripitakas speak for themselves.

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If you really want to learn about Buddhism, then please seek a proper Buddhist Master of an unbroken enlightened lineage. This is not Buddhist arrogance. Nirjhar Das Acum instaforex europe Mijin Kurum he is talking about gautama buddha, who is both historical and the avatara of the Hindus. Nothing is cooked up in hinduism. The Historical Buddha whose teachings are still followed bt over half a billion people or some cooked of Hindu mythological Buddha which has no historicity?

Please make this clear? Nirjhar Das Acum an Hey, they aren't here to promote buddh'ism' or its philosophy. They are here to promote buddha as we hindus see him.

Nirman Pokharel Acum 2 ani The person who did not practice in the tradition of Buddhism in any sector gives a message of Buddha is a hypocrisy. Only one thing that everybody who watch this video should up btc 2021 sanghat samiti, there is no any Maharaj or Swami in this earth can expound the true messages teachings of Buddha unless he contemplates his teachings with its disciplines, vows and following the lineage. These Swamis only know Buddha is the ninth avataar of Bishnu and this is not what Buddhism discourses.

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So careful being distracted. Vinay Kumar Acum an Your not free from your own idea about Buddha nor his teachings, how can u be really free to see Buddha. Any religion if seen through I mind, will fail to that person.

Lol whether to laugh or cry don't know Anyways, please do try to battle your mind, my friend Bibek Sharma Acum an Kya be Your name and your comment do not match.

Branch Name No. Arcade, Opp.

Your name is Indrajit the one who won Indra but you don't even seem be macchar-jit the one who would win over a mosquito. Your comment is as poor as this. How do you feel with this epithet? I am teaching you a lesson here - either comment on my content, or just don't bother to evaluate anyone in person, as if they are your psychiatric patients.


Since you dont know me personally, such personal comments are called ad up btc 2021 sanghat samiti - attack on a person rather than his thoughts. If you want to be true to your name, show me how and where I am wrong while evaluating this fake swamiji who is talking something that he has no idea of. Kya bitcoin mining ipo Acum an Bibek Sharma you sound like an extremely dogmatic person who likes to quibble and fight with people.

That's ego, not spirituality. Now please don't go on another essay writing spree in the comments! Bibek Sharma Acum an saswata Biswas It is not mandatory to be strictly Buddhist per se but it is important to learn Buddhism from an authentic Buddhist masters to get the accurate meaning of Buddha's teachings.

Buddhists hold years of unbroken lineage of ordination upasampadaascholasticism aagama and realization adhigama.

Prelucrarea datelor Filozofia culturii.

One needs to get connected with these lineages to be an authentic Buddhist. So, what you said above is not true.

  • Была, однако, между ними и одна фундаментальная разница.
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  • Название это было равно легендарным для сыновей обеих рас, столь различных по культуре и истории.
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Adi Sankhara never properly refuted Buddhist view. You can read his bhasya to understand it.

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He and many Hindu pundits actually erected a straw man and beat it for thousands of years now in India. They created their own idea of Buddhism and wrote against it.

You seem to be doing exactly the same. Adi Sankhara actually used the army of a Kerala king to kill Buddhists, wipte out Buddhism, and usurped Buddhist site. I don't think that is a very glorious story. You can read Sankhara Vijaya and Sankhara Digvijaya to get to know what he actually did. Buddhist accounts show that he was defeated three times by Buddhist masters in debate.

Actually it looks like Buddhists are telling the truth because when we look at his so called refutation, he hasn't properly understood Buddhist idea of sunyataa.

Anyway, to understand more, please read this article first www. It is so wrong in every respect.


He seems to have no clue that one of the main jñāna knowledge of the Buddha that liberated him was pūrvanivāsānu-smṛti-jñāna i. It takes tremendous courage not to cling on to anything. This shows the level of his ignorance regarding Buddha Dharma. Where can be jñāna without jñātā and jñeya, since one depends on other to exist?

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Without those two, what can be called jñāna? So for him, this is the choiceless awareness, a blunder by Krishnamurti. This is the mindfulness for him, remaining moment to moment in that jñāna. This is something Buddhist would avoid at all cost.

The Japanese Zen is derived from Chan, which in turn was a phonetical rendition of Dhyāna. I wonder why these Hindu swamis make themselves a laughing stock by talking about a tradition that they have the least information about.