Bitcoin qr cod generator

This plugin creates QR Codes Quick Response codes through a widget or a shortCode for easy insertion into your btc vs pkr, posts, sidebars, WooCommerce products, etc.

Generator de Adresă Bitcoin (BTC)

Easy install and use, generate dynamic QR Codes with your custom settings. Content can be any text, link and even a Bitcoin address or the current page URL.

The QR Code generator library is included based on qr.

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Features Use static or dynamic content. Use as built-in Widget.

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Use as shortcode with generator assistant. Clickable link on image. Color and background color customizable.

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QR Code preview and download bitcoin qr cod generator Shortcode generator assistant. The Shortcode generator assistant is available on pages, posts, WooCommerce products, any public custom post types and on the plugin option page.

Cursul Bitcoin

Available Languages French. Feedback Any suggestions or bitcoin qr cod generator is welcome, thank you for using or trying one of my plugins.

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Please take the time to let me know about your experiences and rate this plugin. What if I wish to custom the QR Code display?

Un cod QR este un cod de bare bidimensional constând dintr-un model de pixeli albi-negri, care permite codarea a până la câteva sute de caractere.

You can add a title, shadows on image, modify the horizontal alignment and use custom colors and background colors. What if I wish to add a link on my QR Code? You can add a destination URL, and make it open in a new window.

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How to find and use shortcode generator assistant? If you want to display the qr-code by a widget, the generator is used by default. The shortcode generator assistant is also available in the plugin options page.

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How to use dynamic content? Why my modifications are not saved when I update my post?

Generator de cod QR

Can I use the shortcodes in a PDF bitcoin x10 a mail? But you can download the generated image on Shortcode generator assistant for example and use it as you want.

How to support the advancement of this plugin?

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Any suggestions or feedback is welcome, please take the time to let me know about your experiences and rate this plugin.