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    Though sales paid for in bitcoin so far at vendors interviewed by Reuters for this article have been a fraction of one percent, they expect that as acceptance grows, the online bitcoinul dell uk will one day be as ubiquitous as the internet. Until recently a niche alternative currency touted by a fervent group of followers, bitcoin has evolved bitcoinul dell uk a software-based payment online system.

    Bitcoins are stored in a wallet with a unique identification number and companies like Coinbase and Blockchain can hold the currency for the user.

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    Still, broad-based adoption of bitcoin is at least five years away because most consumers still prefer bitcoinul dell uk use credit cards, analysts said. Overstock was the first U. Soon after, other companies including computer maker Dell Inc, Dish, and Newegg Inc, an online retailer of computer hardware and software, began to accept payments in bitcoin. To date, there are about 63, merchants globally accepting bitcoin, estimates from data provider CoinDesk show. It forecasts that figure to rise bitcoinul dell ukby year-end.

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    For retailers, the biggest benefit in accepting bitcoins is lower transaction costs. Coinbase and Bitpay, for instance, charge less than 1 percent per transaction. A credit card payment, in contrast, typically carries a 3 percent fee.

    Dell, which started accepting bitcoins in July, Dish, and Expedia all say their bitcoin revenue so far have exceeded their expectations. The three companies declined to give specific figures, but said bitcoin sales are modest relative to their overall revenues.

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    Data from BlockChain. That compares with U. Census Bureau estimates. As of the end of June, bitcoin wallets, representing the number of users who have bitcoin accounts, have grown to 5.

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    It predicted that wallets would increase to 8 million by year-end. Din aceeași categorie 25 iunie Biometrie 25 iunie

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