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Text Ookouchi Ichirou Spoon. I'm having so much fun watching it real time every week.

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Of course the scenes at the S were good, but the scenes with the character interactions were really good. Before you realize it you just love all of them.

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While I was watching episode 11 I sfaturi de tranzacționare bitcoin modal kelcil my fist in the air and said "Go Reki!

And while there's the work itself, there's also our posts on twitter and such and the different media mix TN: the mangas etc so all of it together gives a really enthusiastic feeling, it makes it feel like everyone is loving this work.

So I also think that is wonderful.

When I wrote the script for skating scenes it's just what they say and the techniques, and then I wrote down how they use something as a chance to change things up, but I don't really write about anything specifically so seeing it finished really shocked me. So starting from episode 8, ADAM's secretary becomes a main character and some of ADAM's past has started to be shown, so could you tell us once again how you made these characters? So I took her outline and put it together into a more clear story.

In the past, a Busshi TN: a sculpture of buddhist statues made out of wood once told me "I can see the image of the buddha inside the tree, all I do is carve that image out.

Lista brokeri forex romania -

ADAM was carved out of her too but he was a more difficult character. Since he's the strongest character in the S, we decided he had to be on a whole other level from all the other skaters, but what kind of different level, and how weird would he be? ADAM would become a character who was always alone and him running everything in the S world on his own would be difficult.

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On top of that we had to think of what type of person would stand by ADAM? And why would they stay with him?

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That is how we created Kikuchi. These were the first beefs for cherry blossom and Joe so we really wanted them to be battles that represented them.

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So Joe makes use of his muscles while skating and Cherry blossom makes use of Carla while skating. Writing a screenplay is all about how things work in theory.

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I can't think about how they'll end up moving in pictures. To put it frankly, "they used to be friends but now they're not. ADAM was hiding his true identity while skating.

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Joe and Cherry blossom have been together since that time. I thought about how those two different types of people would come to meet each other If Cherry blossom had won, and even if ADAM had apologized, I don't think he would have been able to go back to the way he was before.

Since he's an adult.

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Compared to when he was a high school student, he has a different social standing and he's more full of himself and how he associates with skating has changed too. Joe realizes that he won't go back to how he was before. But Cherry blossom still has a glimmer of hope that he could possibly go back to how he was before. Since those two are that age, they can laugh like that. That was really a development that made my palms sweaty, but could you tell us anything you focused on while writing it or anything that gave you troubles?

But we thought that in order to show Reki's growth, it should be against ADAM who he'd already competed against once. What we focused on was, well the beef between them, but really the reactions and feelings of the people watching it. Langa believes in Reki.

Lista brokeri forex romania -

MIYA doesn't want to see Reki hurt. That's why I wanted to drive him into a corner sfaturi de tranzacționare bitcoin modal kelcil that. We didn't want to make Reki do some sort of special training to come up with a killer technique or just suddenly becoming good so we made him compete in a really Reki-like way.

I think it was a beef that was able to happen because of Reki's great abundance of skateboard knowledge.

Of course the scenes at the S were amazing, but the scenes that depicted the daily life between Langa and Reki left the biggest impression on me. Seeing them riding the train together and going out to eat together.

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Those sorts of things are very high schooler things to do, or rather they give a feeling of youth. You can gradually feel the distance between them shortening even without there being any dialogue, I think it makes it seem like they're just naturally having fun being together. Because those sort of things are there, you're sad when they fight in episode 7 and you're happy when they make up.

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They're scenes that make me really happy that Director Utsumi trusted me with the script writing. Now to finish up could you please leave a message for our readers?

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As I was writing this work I was once again reminded of how important the feeling of "liking" something is. I think it's because Director Utsumi wanted the staff to fill this work with things they liked that it turned out so amazing.

Like Reki in the story, or even myself while writing the screenplay, you wonder if you have that natural talent or not and you feel worried when you compare yourself to others.

But if you have those feelings of "like" then you can overcome those things. This isn't just in your hobbies or your work, just someone you like with you, or finding places you like, I think those are all really important. And you can have any reason you want for liking something.

Honestly, even when I decided to work on this, before I even knew what it was going to be about, just hearing Director Utsumi talk about it made it sound fun. That's pretty much all it took for me to decide to work on it, but having it finished like this now, I'm really glad I treasured those feelings of liking something. If you can find things you like, sfaturi de tranzacționare bitcoin modal kelcil can use just those things to keep working hard at life, and I think that's a really good thing.

Download forex brasov sala fitness

So to wrap things up, thank you very much for watching this series. This series wasn't based on another work, and it airs late at night so I'm really happy that it was picked up by so many people. The final episode is still ahead, so please watch it till the end!

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